Should I specialise?

Reena Wadia is a young British Indian dentist living and working in London. “Dentist by day”, as she says, and “blogger by night”.

A graduate of Barts and The London, she was a Senior House Officer at Guy’s Hospital, and is now in her fourth year of specialty training in Periodontology while continuing to practise at Woodford Dental Care. She is a part-time Clinical Tutor at Barts and The London, and a regular writer on dental issues and experiences that accurately document a young dentist learning, teaching and sharing the issues and topics that concern the majority of young dentists throughout Europe.

Colgate is delighted to bring you a selection of these for Dialogue. The first of these looks at the arguments for and against specialisation for young dentists: Should I specialise?

Dr Reena Wadia BDS Hons (Lond) MJDF RCS (Eng)

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