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Marco Mazevet has had a busy year. In between stepping down from an action-packed stint as President of the European Dental Students Association (EDSA), and starting a PhD in London, he has designed and led a major survey on behalf of EDSA. This survey unearthed a wealth of useful findings on the current training of European dental students, which will help improve their overall education.


Marco is excited to be chairing #ColgateTALKS, an innovative online conference for a new generation of dental professionals. Colgate selected Marco for this role because of his boundless enthusiasm and his familiarity with the new generation of dental students and graduates, from his role at EDSA.

He is looking forward to the energetic exploration of patient-centred approaches and preventive oral healthcare that are scheduled for #ColgateTALKS. These are becoming familiar themes among graduates, just starting their careers in Europe.

“Younger dental professionals are proving to be some of the most passionate advocates for patient empowerment,” said Marco.

“They are also adopting a wider role than previous generations and questioning some of the divisions with other areas of medicine,” he continued. “After all, maintaining a healthy whole mouth is central to their patients’ overall health.”

All these topics and more will be discussed in #ColgateTALKS, which will be taking place on October 22, 2016. Register now at:

There will be a free draw for all participants in #ColgateTALKS to win one of 30 copies of the book Dental Practice: Get in the Game, published by Quintessenz. The contributors, all of whom have experience in both private practice ownership and practice management education, offer advice and practical information to help new dentists start a successful career.

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