Talking to the hand?

We all see patients that need to make a change. We know that their dental health will deteriorate if they don’t improve oral hygiene.

However, no matter how often we repeat, rephrase and re-demonstrate correct oral hygiene, their behaviour doesn’t change. In other words, we find ourselves “talking to the hand”.

Are you interested in learning a new approach? On 22 October, Dr. Christoph Ramseier will talk about motivational interviewing at #ColgateTalks (1pm to 2pm Central European Time).

Christoph Ramseier - motivational interviewing
Expert in motivational interviewing – Dr. Christoph Ramseier from the University of Berne

Motivational interviewing is based on a different assumption about how and why human behaviour changes. It starts from an acceptance that the pure repetition of health education information is not enough. Behaviour change only happens when patients convince themselves that they need to change. This technique is a highly organised counselling style that concentrates on helping patients to evaluate their own reasons and motivations to change their behaviour through a series of connected conversations.

Motivational interviewing originated in the field of addictive behaviour therapy, but has increasingly been applied to a wide variety of other areas, including oral care and smoking cessation. Colgate® has already sponsored a highly successful workshop and webinar by Dr. Ramseier on this approach. Dr. Ramseier is a practising periodontist, researcher, lecturer and Private Docent at the Department of Periodontology, University of Berne, Switzerland.

In addition to his presentation on motivational interviewing, Dr Ramseier will also take part in the roundtable discussion at #ColgateTalks.

#ColgateTalks is an innovative online conference for a new generation of professionals, which will be exploring new trends in patient-centred approaches, preventive oral healthcare and patient empowerment – all of which stand to benefit considerably from motivational interviewing. Register now:
Do you have patients who won’t change behavior and improve oral hygiene. Try motivational interviewing if you’re “talking to the hand”. Expert in motivational interviewing – Dr. Christoph Ramseier from the University of Berne will give a webinar at #ColgateTALKS.

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