A dental practice website: what’s the point?

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Not all dental office owners see the need for a website. How do you convince them it’s quick & easy to build a dental practice website which brings-in new patients?

I’m in my first year of practice in a dental clinic and when I started I asked where our website was. I got a funny look from my boss but anyway I got us online a few months ago by putting together a simple and easy dental practice website and including a few photos of the interior, a map, a small introduction and an appointments form. A video will follow when we get the time to do it, and I’m trying to get my boss to do a regular blog as well.

The website does quite well on Google, we get emails, some new appointments and we’ve even got some good reviews already, meaning that a few more people look at the site. This is why we need more blog content! I say to people that all we’ve done by setting up a website is to move our marketing to a billboard on the main street.

A dental practice website is quick, easy and attracts new patients – it is essential for all dental clinics. Think about a simple appointments form, so that new dental patients can easily book an appointment with your dental office.
I got us online a few months ago – with a simple and easy website that includes an appointments form

But the billboard is much bigger than that. People from all over the country see the site. They get a feel for the office and the professional staff from the photos and a link to the online appointments page is on every page.

Your dental practice website makes it easy for new patients to connect with you

You have to make it as easy as possible, as I read somewhere that around 15% of all adults are thinking about visiting the dentist at any given time. These are the ones who could sign up there and then if the location is accessible.

And it’s not just about getting people to contact you. Making the connection means you have to respond quickly and efficiently. I try to respond to any emails we get on the same day if I can.

Anyway, the website is up and running. It took me about four hours over a weekend to build it and it takes me about a maximum of a couple of hours a week to keep it up. I think it’s worth it because we get new business from it, more people look at it each week, and best of all, my boss has stopped giving me a funny look when I talk about it!

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