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Maximum plaque removal for children – the new 2 Minute Tales are a fun way to motivate kids to brush their teeth for the full two minutes

How do you get kids to brush their teeth for the full two minutes that are needed for maximum plaque removal? And maybe more to the point for dental professionals, how do we get the parents to make sure they do?

One simple step could be to recommend 2 Minute Tales to parents, as a way of motivating their kids.

With children’s author Claire Freedman and illustrator Chloe Batchelor, Colgate UK has developed this new, exciting and enterprising approach that can be strongly recommended to the parents of young children as a way to motivate them to brush their teeth for the full two minutes.

Two Minute Tales, captivating stories that take just two minutes to read, are available as illustrated text and as sound files from where 40 of the tales have been released between September and December 2016.

The tales will turn two minutes of brushing into two minutes of fun for kids! They can be read (or played) for the required period, and the children are so keen to hear the end of the story that they will carry on brushing until the end!

How do you motivate children to brush for the full two minutes that are needed for maximum plaque removal? The dental team can now recommend 2 Minute Tales to the parents of young kids, to help motivate them to brush for two minutes and achieve maximum plaque removal? There is something that dental professionals can recommend.
Fun plaque removal – discover the tales that make kids love brushing

Studies have demonstrated that optimum plaque removal is only achieved after two minutes of tooth-brushing, but busy, stressful lives, mean that most people are not dedicating enough time to their tooth brushing routines. 2 minute tales can help confront this problem in young children, motivating them so that they continue until their teeth are really clean. Patients believe that they are brushing for an adequate length of time, but studies suggest that, in reality, the average is 30-60 seconds. One study of English school children  found they spent only approximately 33 seconds on the task.

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