Know who you are

How do you give your dental practice an authentic brand?

Inspirational Leadership© point 2: Know who you are

The most inspiring leaders are people who truly believe in what they are doing, whose personal values are intrinsically part of what they do. This profound insight is an important part of leadership.

Think about ‘who you really are’ and how this affects the way you present yourself to the world. This is your ‘brand’ – how you effect how others see you. Even big organisations often miss paying attention to this. Knowing your values, the core principles by which you and your practice live, and making an effort to continuously communicate them, will help you in all kinds of situations. It becomes your compass and helps you take the right decisions in any given moment. Ask yourself: “How do I connect my personal and professional values?”

An authentic brand for your practice – the secret is to define your fundamental values first

Reflect on what you and your practice stand for. What are the things you want to be known for? Once this has been decided, how will you communicate it to the world? Many organisations publish their core values – clear for all to see – but the best organisations bring these words to life through their day-to-day behaviours.

fundamental values and dental practice brand
Know who you are – if you want to give your dental practice an authentic brand, define your fundamental values first

Creating a ‘brand’ for your dental office is essential in this highly competitive world – and defining your fundamental values as a dentist can give this brand an enduring authenticity.

Author – Alex Selwood

Colgate recently worked with Alex, an inspiring personal development facilitator and coach, to develop a model on how leadership skills can be applied in the dental office.

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