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#ColgateTalks: Patient centricity for better dental healthcare

On Saturday, 22 October, 2016, Colgate will host #ColgateTalks, its first innovative online conference to discuss patient centricity in dentistry and the dental healthcare of tomorrow.

The theme of this cutting edge webinar conference is patient centricity and how to empower your patients for a better oral health.  In addition to webinars with world-class speakers, you will also benefit from a networking lounge, virtual exhibition booths, conversation areas and dental games.

#ColgateTalks embraces the increasing importance of patient centric care in order to help patients achieve better outcomes and contribute to their overall health. Topics for discussion include effective disease prevention for the healthy patient, establishing the needs of periodontal patients, managing caries to prevent cavities and improving the patient’s quality of life by controlling dentine hypersensitivity. The day concludes with a live round-table discussion named Prevention as an advantage for your patients & your office, shedding light on how a preventative approach can be viable in the dental office.

Patient centricity :

At #ColgateTalks, you can experience a real-life conference on patient centric care in dentistry – from your own office, with your team, in the comfort of your home, or on the go. 

The new generation of oral healthcare professionals puts the patient at the centre of all prevention and treatment options. #ColgateTalks turns this objective into real and tangible support to their daily work, by creating a brand new, live European platform to promote a continuing debate about the future of the practice.

Look out for further updates on #ColgateTalks in the countdown to 22 October 2016!

Effie Mataliotaki, Head External Affairs & Communications, Colgate-Palmolive Europe

Patient centricity in oral healthcare will also be discussed in a round-table debate called ‘Prevention as an advantage for your patients & your dental office’.
The #ColgateTalks online conference will discuss how to empower dental patients for better oral health

Patient centric care covers the following main areas: advice for the healthy patient on maintaining their good oral health, motivating periodontal patients, caries prevention and management, relieving patients from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity and therefore improving their quality of life.

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