Be One Step Ahead with Prevention – by joining the 2018 eConference

All dental professionals in Europe are invited to attend the live webinar sessions.

For the first time, Colgate is holding its annual #ColgateTalks eConference on two weekday evenings: April 25 & 26, 2018.  


Save the date for Be One Step Ahead with Prevention, the third of Colgate’s annual #ColgateTALKS eConferences. All dental professionals in Europe are invited to attend the live webinar sessions from their desktop computer or on-the-go with their tablet or smartphone.

Leading European dental experts predict an ever more important role for prevention in the future of oral healthcare, due to longer life-expectancy and higher healthcare costs[1]. What does that mean for dental professionals? How can the dental team be one step ahead, by delivering the optimal oral care prevention strategies? How can we best coach the modern patient to achieve whole mouth health? Dental professionals and dental students are invited to join the online discussion, which aims to answer these very questions.


“At the 2018 eConference, a wide array of presenters, including dental experts, market research specialists and patients, will discuss the expectations of today’s patients and how we can make prevention a success for both the dental office and the patient”, said Effie Mataliotaki, Head of External Affairs & Communications at Colgate Palmolive Europe. “We are proud to have created a format which is much in demand with current and future dental professionals.”

To better accommodate the busy schedule of today’s dental professionals, Colgate is spreading the program of the eConference over two consecutive weekday evenings: Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, 2018. On both evenings the program starts at 7 pm CET (Paris, Berlin, Rome) / 6 pm GMT (London, Lisbon) and ends at 9 pm CET / 8 pm GMT.

[1] Sommer Research, qualitative exploratory interviews with European experts (GE, FR, CH, IT), December 2009.

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