2 Minutes for Oral Health

What can you do in 2 minutes that makes you healthier every day? Certainly exercise by jogging, cycling, doing push-ups, touching your toes, climbing stairs, but what about plaque removal and oral health? A tool for dental professionals to                       motivate patients to improve oral hygiene. People don’t brush their teeth for long enough. As dental professionals, we have always known this. Most adults know they should brush for longer – but just don’t do it. Not many children brush for long enough either.

As we know, studies show that you need 2 minutes of brushing to achieve the best plaque removal. Unfortunately, on average most patients are brushing their teeth for only 30-60 seconds. So how do we convince them that 2 minutes of brushing is key to remove plaque, stay healthy and keep smiling!

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Motivate your patients to improve plaque removal with Colgate Total PROOF

Motivate patients for better plaque removal with Colgate® Total® PROOF™

One approach is to recommend the new Colgate® Total® PROOF™ toothpaste (Colgate® Total® VISIBLE EFFECT™ or Colgate® Total® VISIBLE ACTION™ in some countries), with its white paste that turns into blue foam the more you brush.

Colgate® Total® PROOF™ can be a powerful tool for motivating your patients to brush for longer. It gives them visible proof of their progress and the confidence of a job well done! The toothpaste contains invisible white strips that dissolve to a blue foam during toothbrushing. This helps patients to brush for longer, as the colour change occurs after about 2 minutes¹.

In addition to fluoride for cavity protection, Colgate® Total® toothpastes provide better anti-bacterial protection for 100% of the mouth’s surfaces, as it helps stop bacteria growing again for 12 hours on the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.

2 minutes isn’t long – shaving or putting on make-up takes about the same time – and Colgate® Total® PROOF™ toothpaste gives your patients a real chance to improve their oral hygiene every day.Colgate® Total® PROOF™ helps motivate patients to brush for 2 minutes and improve plaque removal and oral hygiene, making it a useful aid for dental professionals. Dental professionals, if you would like to motivate your patients to improve oral hygiene and plaque removal, please recommend Colgate® Total® PROOF™. Encourage patients to better remove plaque and improve oral hygiene – recommend Colgate® Total® PROOF™.

¹The colour change may vary, but the longer the brushing, the stronger the colour change. After 2 minutes, the colour change is very noticeable.

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