Perio & Caries – Towards a Joint Management of Caries and Periodontal Diseases

Colgate Supports a Europe-Wide Awareness Campaign to Manage Caries and Periodontal Disease with a Common Approach

Colgate-Palmolive Europe is providing key support to a Europe-wide initiative driven by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) to invite dental and medical professionals, policy makers and educators to manage caries and periodontal disease together.

The Perio & Caries initiative is driven by a scientific consensus that caries and periodontal diseases are preventable and that they share common genetic, aetiological, social, and environmental determinants – although they follow different development trajectories and usually emerge at different ages. The initiative aims to apply the latest evidence-based guidelines to approach a joint management of caries and periodontal diseases – both at individual and at population level.

The initiative calls for caries and periodontal disease to no longer to be considered ‘normal’, given their links with other general conditions, their impact in the individuals quality of life and the burden they bring over healthcare costs. It also recommends that dental care professionals take a joint management approach focused on patient support for increased awareness and healthy behavior adoption, dietary advice, and twice-daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste, supported by plaque-reduction agents.

The central resource of the initiative, the website, holds a wealth of materials like hands-on recommendations to the oral care team, the non-dental healthcare profes-sionals, the public and the policymakers as well as video-interviews with experts and compelling info graphics. The evidence-based recommendations associated to the Perio & Caries Initiative w-ere also presented during the #ColgateTalks eConference on April 25/26. The recording of the presentation can be found here.

Colgate supported the collaboration between EFP and ORCA on the world’s first major scientific attempt to consider dental caries and periodontal disease as interrelated processes in 2016.

Nicola West, Professor of Periodontology, University of Bristol, UK and author of the Perio and Caries Initiative recommendations, said: “The message we need to convey is that tooth loss, periodontal diseases and caries are in most cases, preventable. We feel that there is an urgent need to raise public awareness and that by following simple recommendations outlined in our campaign, dental health of the individual will be dramatically improved. The impact of this would be a direct and additional improvement in general health and quality of life, whilst the overall benefit and consequence of following this advice would be a reduction in the economic burden currently experienced by

these oral diseases.”




Dr. Irina Laura Chivu-Garip, Senior Scientific Project Manager at Colgate, said: “We strongly support an evidence-based common approach to the prevention of periodontal diseases and caries and we actively support the importance of informing the public, professional audiences and decision makers on this. We are proud to partner with EFP and provide on-going support to drive the adoption of the recommendations at all levels being confident that this will ultimately benefit oral health across Europe.”

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