The Colgate Smile wins it

Can a Colgate smile help you win Miss Universe? According to the French press, a Colgate smile helped a French dental student win the 2017 Miss Universe.

Did a Colgate smile help a French dental student win Miss Universe?

Earlier this year, French dental student Iris Mittenaere won the 2017 Miss Universe contest, more than 60 years after Christiane Martel won for France in the first Miss Universe contest.

Iris has a science degree and the ambition to become a dental surgeon and global spokesperson for oral hygiene. In fact, she was described as a “tooth enthusiast” rather than a dental student by the British tabloids.

French journalists have described her as “Very French, very cancan, very glam, and therefore perfectly in the spirit of Miss Universe”. Apparently, she has been dedicated to the task of winning, including spending six months in an American beauty parlor as preparation.

The 2017 Miss Universe contest was won by Iris Mittenaere, who is studying to become a dental surgeon and was described by the French press as having a Colgate smile.
According to the French press Iris Mittenaere had a Colgate smile

Like many winners before her, her profile and communications fit the bill: “I want to help people, I want to understand people, I want to meet people, that’s why this is a dream for me.”

But what was the critical factor in her victory? What really won it for Iris? The answer is clear. According to the French press, she had a Colgate smile. What else could one possibly need to be Miss Universe?

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