How to Incorporate Wellness at Work

How to Incorporate Wellness at Work Share healthy snacks to keep everyone's energy levels up during a hectic day.

As 2018 begins, you may start to evaluate how you can become a better you in the coming year. Stay healthy and fit is a popular wish, whether that’s by eating better, managing their stress or hitting the gym more often. Why not get your whole office onboard and improve their wellness at work? Here are some simple ideas to help you encourage a healthy office.

Surprise Everyone with Healthy Snacks

Do you ever get tired of the same sugary snacks at work and yearn for something a little more substantial so that you can power through the rest of your day? Your coworkers may be thinking the same thing. Bring in healthy snacks for everyone to share, and you can help your coworkers avoid the dreaded sugar crash and empty calories.

Fixing some healthy snacks doesn’t have to be complicated either. For example, if you have a whole watermelon at home and do not know what to do with it all, bring it to work to share with your team. If you need to find some great ideas on what type of food to bring in, the internet is chock full of recipes for healthy snacks that are quick and easy to make. Be prepared to share your recipes too, so your coworkers can make them on their own. If you are not skilled in the kitchen, you could easily pick up a fruit tray or pita chips and hummus, for example, from the local store.

Support Each Other

Stress is an issue that can definitely take a toll on anyone’s mental health and negatively affect his or her overall wellness. If you can tell a coworker is stressed, either from a hectic workday or personal issues, do your best to be there for that person and take time out to listen to his/her concerns. When your workplace fosters open communication, a sense of community can develop and the entire team strengthen as a result.

A little appreciation can go a long way to improve everyone’s mental well-being as well. If staff members feel like their efforts go unnoticed, they may begin to feel resentful. Take the time to thank your coworkers whenever the opportunity arises. You may be pleasantly surprised the next time you are having a tough day when your coworker reciprocates and gives you the support you need.

Incorporate Physical Activity Into Your Office’s Routine

Physical activity can be a welcome excursion from the repetitive motions of dentistry. Sometimes people just need a few ideas on how to make it happen. Going on walks at lunchtime is a great way to get out of the office and decompress. Ask your coworkers if they would like to join you on a regular basis, so everyone can loosen up over lunchtime. If your fellow staff members have pedometers or fitness trackers, you could start a friendly competition on who can get the most steps in.

Physical activity can also be incorporated into your work schedule, as light stretches can be done quickly with excellent results. If a coworker mentions that she is experiencing pain in her shoulders (or elsewhere), suggest some in-office stretches to help relieve the discomfort. Another beneficial idea is to incorporate a new stretch into your work meetings. With this simple action, all the staff can learn how to effectively relieve the muscle tension that is associated with dentistry.

When you establish habits that help keep you at your best, do not hide your recipe for success. Share it! Promote wellness at work to help your whole team stay happy and healthy in all parts of their life.


  • Share healthy snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up during a hectic day.
  • Be there for you coworkers, and listen to their problems to help relieve their stress.
  • Incorporate physical activity into your team’s daily work schedule.

Why It’s Important

Promoting wellness at work can help your entire team perform at their best. When you and your co-workers are happy and healthy, everyone benefits.

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