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It’s currently a busy time for dental education webinars across Europe at Colgate-Palmolive and CP GABA. The current programme includes 6 webinars in four major European languages. Experts are discussing a range of topics, ranging from caries, periodontitis and dentine hypersensitivity, through to the restoration of cervical lesions and molar-incisive hypomineralisation (MIH).

Two webinars, one in French and one in German will be held on December 7th, 2016. This will be followed by a second webinar in German on December 14th.

Webinars have also been held in Spanish (November 24th) and Italian (November 21st and November 9th). Please see below for more details.
A schedule of upcoming webinars can be found here:




  • Control superior de la caries dental – 24 Noviembre, 2016 : Se abordará el concepto de salud bucodental completa, desde la perspectiva de la prevención y el tratamiento de la caries dental, hacienda un breve repaso de la situación actual y proponiendo pautas para conseguir un Control superior del biofilm en distintos nichos de la cavidad oral, así como diversas medidas para el manejo de la caries.


Schedule of upcoming dental education webinars from Colgate: 6 webinars in four major European languages.
Check out Colgate’s dental education webinars

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