#ColgateTALKS – Cutting-edge dental education

Dental education: Full programme for the #ColgateTALKS innovative online conference

Patient Centric Dentistry – How to Engage Your Whole Team


Dental education - the healthy patient
How to recognise the healthy patient and keeping a healthy biofilm well balanced
Dental education: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing, with special emphasis on the example of periodontal patients.
Going beyond Plaque control for Periodontal Prevention
Preventing caries, 2 approaches
Dental education: dentine hypersensitivity and quality of life
Dentine Hypersensitivity and its impact on quality of life and patient satisfaction

Dental education: Topics will include periodontal diseases, caries and dentine hypersensitivity.

Programme for the #ColgateTalks innovative online conference – cutting edge dental education. Topics to be discussed: preventive oral healthcare, patient empowerment, online search for oral care, healthy dental patients, healthy biofilm, periodontal diseases and periodontal prevention, motivational interviewing, managing caries to prevent cavities, dentine hypersensitivity and its impact on quality of life and patient satisfaction.

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