Hypersensitivity – how mighty is the pen?

Should you be recommending a pen to your patients with re-occurring dentine hypersensitivity pain?

Is the pen mightier than the sword? It is certainly true that toothbrushes can be mightier than dental drills, at least when patients use them correctly on a daily basis. The right ideas about oral care can be mighty too – life-changing even – on condition patients actually implement them.

But what about pens? Do they deserve your attention as a dental professional? Well, they are a home-use tool that can be highly effective in relieving the pain of dentine hypersensitivity.

istock_000019294021xlargePatients with re-occurring dentine hypersensitivity pain can now rest easier, thanks to the recently launched Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Sensitivity Relief Pen. The pen complements the highly successful Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief™ toothpaste and allows patients to target the exact source of their dentine hypersensitivity pain.

Both products use the highly effective and unique Pro-Argin™ Technology, based upon arginine and calcium carbonate. The technology is clinically proven to provide an instant and long-lasting relief from dentine hypersensitivity pain.

Surveys show that dentine hypersensitivity is still an unresolved issue for patients:

  • 9 out of 10 dentists say they see at least one patient a day who experiences dentine hypersensitivity
  • 3 out of 5 adults report problems of dentine hypersensitivity
  • 29% of adults identify dentine hypersensitivity as the biggest cause of pain associated with visiting their dentist.

The discomfort caused by dentine hypersensitivity can also cause patients to avoid tooth-brushing sensitive areas, leading to the accumulation of dental plaque and, as a consequence, increasing the risk of caries and periodontal problems. Suffering caused by dental hypersensitivity can also affect one’s quality of life, leading to behavioural changes, and the avoidance of certain food and drinks.

The Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Sensitivity Relief Pen allows patients to target their application to the exact areas of their teeth where the dentine hypersensitivity occurs. The formula plugs and seals the dentine tubules in seconds¹, reducing dentine fluid flow effectively.

The pen also comes with a soft-bristled toothbrush – to (gently) encourage your sensitive patients to perform their mighty oral care routine and brush the areas that suffer from dentine hypersensitivity.

The pen may not be mightier than the sword, but it goes a long way to preventing the pain of dentine hypersensitivity…

¹ With finger-tip application for 30 seconds. Ayad F et al J Clin Dent 2009; 20 (Spec Iss): 10 –16.

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